New apps for Dailymotion

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Dailymotion is one of the leading video platforms in the world.

YEAR : 2017-2020



Dailymotion is one of the leading video platforms in the world with a reach of 300 million unique users per month globally. Now focusing on premium video sourced from trusted international content providers.

Part of a multi-skilled team, I work on end-to-end experiences with a focus on user needs and business goals.
We come up with a responsive and cross devices experience to launch and promote the new Dailymotion.

We work closely with each team in visualising conceptual ideas, storyboarding and prototyping. We worked alongside Visual, interaction and dev team using an agile approach, conceptualising UI ideas and producing working UX prototypes. As product designer , I worked on all the user interface, motion and branding (iOS, android, Web & Android TV).

Why we decided to re-imagine the way we are using a video app

In 2016, Dailymotion app was almost what we see everywhere for a video app : A youtube like, with classic categories :

Home - with the content you are following
Browse - to find new content
Upload - to upload your own content on the platform
Search - to find a specific content
Profile - to manage your content and your profile

The idea of revamping the Dailymotion platform was to differentiate with others competitors, such as Youtube, who is leader in this industry. Dailymotion has been acquired by Vivendi, who has lot of content related to news.

Behind this acquirement, they wanted to create a video platform that is different than youtube, by highlighting content from trusted partners, instead of users generated content.

We also had lot of crappy content that we needed to moderate in order to have a clean platform, that any international brand can trust.

This work was strategic for Dailymotion, and was a real pivot for this platform.

1. Proof of Concept

June 2016

The design team I just joined beginning of 2016 was very small (only 2 product designers for such a big product).
In order to show that we have the internal competences to the board for a redesign, we decided to work on 2 subjects that are very important for this product :
Discovery and Onboarding.


Discovery - As a user, how can I find related content to the video i'm watching
Onboarding - As a new user, how can I find content that I will like

Re-imagine Dailymotion as it was a new product

Proof of concepts are work that are not finished, and not polished.

The idea is to open the doors, and show that we have multiple ways and lot of ideas to improve the quality of the new experience.


Prototype for Discovery - Full prototype available here


Prototype for Onboarding - Full prototype available here

2. Design Sprints

September, October, November 2016

In September, 2016 our team is now bigger, and we are now 6 product designers.
In order to facilitate the work on the new experience, we defined the 5 main subjects that we will need to focus in the next months :

Discovery, Watching, Re-engage, Ads experience, Navigation

For each subject, we decided to use Design sprints in order to validate our ideas.


Discovery Sprint

How users are discovering new content inside Dailymotion?


Prototype preview tested during this sprint

Watching Experience Sprint

How users are consuming and watching videos?


How to interact with a user before a live? How to highlights specific moments on a video?

Re-Engage Sprint

How to make users re-engage on the video platform?


How to engage our users? Each day, a video selection is done based on your interests?

Ads-Experience Sprint

How to introduce ads without breaking the experience?


When do we show ads? Vertical ads?

Navigation Sprint

How to create a navigation that is easy to follow for our users?


One or Two spaces?

3. Define Principles

November 2016

Based on feedbacks from user tests and from board executives, we defined our target:

25-49 years old
Mobile first
Ad-based premium video
Music, News, Entertainement, Sports

And our design principles

Continuous watching experience video queue, Mini-player, autoplay
Personalised discovery - Onboarding, Recommendation engine, Curated content
1-tap video access - Flat content structure, Topic based polymorphic, navigation

We then realised a more advanced proof of concept with those principles.


Full prototype available here

4. Release V1.0

2017 - August

We release the first version of the new dailymotion on August, 2017, on different platforms :

iOS app, Android app, tablet, Apple TV, Android TV, web.